A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Snufflupadata started as a inside joke between a few of Socrata's earliest employees. He stuck with us as a fun, friendly, yet unofficial mascot. As the company grew, the legend of Snufflupadata was told and re-told, and he invaded our codebase and our hearts.

When it came time to pick a company mascot, everyone submitted ideas. From 'Owly the Wise Socrata Owl', 'Socrates" to 'Data Dan', we had many entries - but none as dynamic and frankly as cute, as Snuffleupadata. Once he was chosen as our official employee mascot, we worked with an artist for many weeks to bring him to life. Snuffy was officially re-born in his original form on June 10th 2014, and has won the hearts and minds of many employees, customers and Socrata fans over the past year. He stands for the positive changes we're making in the world though data, but more than anything he embodies the fun, amazing culture that we have and the passion our employees feel about our mission.

Shoot for the Stars!

We were involved in the NASA Space Apps Challenge, a 3 day hackathon which challenged participants to develop mobile apps, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions that could contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on Earth. NASA Snuffy was created in honor of this event. To read more about it, visit

Baby Snuffy

Before Snuffy was the big, cuddly data nerd we all know love, he was the world’s most adorable blue baby. His first words were da-ta and row (though he pronounced it “vow”. Awwww.

Beefeater Snuffy

Socrata is growing in Europe and our London office is leading the charge in bringing awesome Open Data Solutions to the EU. Cheers!

Call in the Brigades!

Snu loves to parter with Code for America, and goes to local and national meetups every chance he gets. He proudly wears his brigade hat as he hacks for change.

Great Job!

We use this Snuffy to congratulate, high five and thumbs up great work and strong performers in the company. One of our core values is Celebrate Success Together, and here Snuffy is doing just that!

Data Helmet

Using the power of the Schwatz, Data Helmet defends the empire from the rebel forces. He is nerdy, his helmet is big, he gets confused a lot…but he looks adorable doing it.

Data Snufflace

Socrata is a big advocate of Women in Tech. Data Snufflace works hard to help us recruit the best female talent into our engineering team. While her expertise is engineering, she also supports our company’s hiring efforts in Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Admin, Finance, Product and other teams as well!

Civic Developer

The Socrata Open Data API allows you to programatically access a wealth of open data resources from governments, non-profits, and NGOs around the world. We are company composed of many personalities, but many of us are Civic Developers! To find out more visit our developer portal.

Drill Sargent Snuffy

Atten-tion! Drill Sargent Snuffy is here to whip you into shape! It’s a tough world out there and Drill Sargent Snuffy’s boot camp will arm you with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to have to be the best data nerd you can be!

Finance Rocks

A company’s Finance team is at the core of everything. They count money in, money out, make sure everyone gets paid. Finance Snuffy is our Finance Team’s mascot! Feel free to share them with your finance team too.

Geek Chic

We are self proclaimed data nerds, lovers of information, and individuals who want to make a difference. Why not look good while we’re doing it? I actually own a similar pair of these exact glasses!

Founding Father

Nothing says US Government quite like the Washington Powdered Wig. And Socrata loves the Government! Founding Snuffy says that better then no one else.

The Good Doctor

Health Data is important to everyone, no one knows that better then Dr Snuffy. When not making an appearance at Healthapalooza, Dr Snuffy spends his time ensuring that CMS and other agencies deliver their data to all constituents in the most useful way.

Iron Snu

When man and machine unite, it can only mean one thing: It’s time to stand ready or stand back–but don’t stand in the way, or else risk the mighty metallic fury of… IRON SNU.

John Snu

With the heart of a true warrior, this Snuffy knows that Data is Coming and wants us all to be prepared. John Snu guards the great wall that divides wild data and good, clean data and makes sure our customers only interact with the best behaved data on the kingdom.

Leia Orsnua

Princess Leia Orsnua is one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest leaders, fearless on the battlefield and dedicated to freeing data from PDF entrapment.

Luke Snuwalker

Luke uses the force of clean data to conquer evil. He stands for justice in the Empire and fights to bring Open Government to all citizens of the World.

World's Best Customers!

We wouldn’t be who we are and where without the amazing, innovative, inspiring customers we get to serve every day. Dare I say, the best customers in the world? Yes. I dare. There I said it. To read some of our customer stories, please visit

National Day of Civic Hacking

Thousands of people from across the United States will come together for National Day of Civic Hacking. Socrata attends hacks across the country in support of this inspiring event. And of course, Snuffy is there with bells on.

Snuff's Got Pride

Snu is Proud to be part of a team that embraces equality and celebrates diversity. Snu knows that the best ideas and most exciting innovations come from many different viewpoints and experiences. Snu loves to meet new and different people and is a champion of equality, peace, love and harmony :)

Gettin' sassy!

Snuffy has a fun side, apparently that’s his left side. Go head and get sassy with it Snuffy!

Snuffamin Franklin

We love our Federal Government Customers! Snuffamin Franklin works closely with the Fed to ensure their most important data is well taken care of. He has brilliant ideas and an electrifying personality. We wouldn’t be the same without him!

Snufferys Targaryen

Presenting Snufferys Databorn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Ungenerated, Queen of Pioneer Square, Queen of the Snuffles and the Developers and the First Cloud, Khaleesi of the Great Information Sea, Breaker of Fabrications, and Mother of Dragons.

Snuffiam Wallace

A warrior at heart, a man of the people, a carrier of justice a defender of the innocent. Snuffamin Wallace is here to fight for FREEDDDOOOMM of Data and the Open Data Movement!

Secure that Data!

Undercover Snu is scoping out the situation, showing up in the unexpected, making sure your data is secure. He tests the system, pushes the limits, and reinforces firewalls to prevent any bad guys from contaminating good data.

Super Snuffy

Is your data portal broken? Are your customers unable to interact with your API’s? Having trouble visualizing your data? Have no fear, Super Snu is always near! Ba - da, da,da, DAAA!

Tetris Snuffy

As a small and scrappy software company, Socrata is a lot like Tetris…we make mistakes and get past them quickly, we have many options and make quick decisions on the best path to follow, we are addictive and we are all stuck in the Socrata - I mean Tetris effect :)